Temporary Work and Internships

Strategy Analyst, European Aviation Safety Agency - EASA (March - June 2011)

The project's topic was to analyse all the trends that could impact EASA and its workload with a five-year horizon. This report was made to assist the formulation of EASA's five-year business plan. A group of five was entrusted with this study in which EASA’s Managers were interviewed and their expertise was combned with the aviation industry's views and facts blended with academic scholarship.

External Marketing Consultant, Flynet (4-people Group Internship / January - February 2011)

At first, a market research analysis was performed. The second part of the project was to identify and formulate the possible marketing strategies for Flynet's main product. Finally, a presentation with all the key findings was made to Flynet's board.

Laboratory Assistant, University of Patras

  • Laboratory "Electronics I: Basic Electronics", 3rd semester of the CEID curriculum, 2007 - 2008
  • Laboratory "Introduction to Computer Systems: Assembly Language", 2nd semester of the CEID curriculum, 2006 - 2007

I was in every laboratory session of a team which I was assigned to in order to help them during their practice in the laboratories.

Chief Support Officer, Patras Cultural Capital of Europe Organisation

This was during the exhibition "Patras Up To Date: the Labyrinth with the images" (February - March 2006) of Vasilis Kosmopoulos which had 17,000 visitors in 40 days. Ensuring that the exhibition run smoothly I supervised all areas, from special effects (lights and sound) to a network of 15 computers and 30 projectors which delivered every video to the visitors.