Personal Info

First Name: Ioannis - Vasileios
Last Name: Theodoridis
Date of birth: 16 September 1985
Nationality: Greek
E-mail: i.v.theodoridis at gmail dot com
UK Mobile: +44 757 234 1816
Greek Mobile: +30 6974 799192

I was born in Athens and lived in Zografou until I finished high school. I studied in Patras and Cambridge. I am currently permanently employed in London.

My parents are Menis Theodoridis and Lia Halkia. My origin is somewhat of a puzzle, my grandparents are from all over Greece: Yiannis Theodoridis from Ayvali (Asia Minor), Eleni Theodoridou from Komotini (Thrace), Vasilis Halkias from Agnanta (Epirus) and Georgia Halkia from Constantinople - Istanbul.